BIG NEWS: I am returning HOME to Mama Bali!
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BIG NEWS: I am returning HOME to Mama Bali!

Hey you. Thank you for stopping by. Today, I want to give you a little update about my personal plans for the upcoming months, what an island, its people and nature have taught me and how you can help me on my mission!


First things first..

Here are the BIG NEWS: I am going back. I am going back to where it all started.



I am returning home to Mama Bali!


The island of gods and goddesses and the place where my healing journey began. Ever since I first set foot on this island in March 2017, I have been amazed by the natural, raw and honest beauty of this sacret Indonesian island and it’s inhabitants. This year, I am going to return for the third time. Whereas the last two years I attended two intensive Yoga teacher trainings, this year I am returning for something else. Curious about what I will be doing there? Click here to find out more.

I am so excited to learn new things and get to know more new people along my journey. But the one thing I am looking forward to the most is to learn even more about MYSELF.

Why Bali?

For me mama Bali is more than a place. It’s a mood. It’s a feeling, it’s a magical tropical state of mind. There is endless beauty to be discovered in the epic landscapes, the vibrant jungle, the emerald rice paddies, and the small things too. The early rising sun, the exotic bird song, the dancing butterflies, the symphony of frogs every evening, the sweet smell of traditional incense in the air, and the warm smiles of the Balinese of course.

And then there’s yoga, the sweet ample feeling after a deep savasana. The connection you gain to others and ultimately your truest, most authentic self (purusa). You learn to see without opening your eyes. Learn to touch without moving a finger. Learn to listen to the yet unspoken.  Words can hardly describe how I feel when I am immersed into the lush, bautiful nature of this island. How I consciously move my limbs; how I let my thoughts wander, surrendering to the unknown. This is my definition of a GOOD LIFE!

What Bali has taught me

One of the biggest lessons mama Bali taught me the last time I visited was how much I felt at HOME resting into my own body – my very own holy, sacret temple.

In Bali, unlike at any other place in the world, my body wants to dance, not sit still.
It wants to create, not just observe.
It wants to be in unity with the world, not separate from it.
My feet want to explore, not get from point A to point B.
In Bali, I feel the unity of Earth and spirit.
I feel more connected to myself than anywhere else.

Bali is a place where my spiritual practice looks like intuitive yoga flows, goddess meditations, sacred temple dance, crafting plant foods, performing sacred ritual, creative writing. Walking with my barefeet through the rice fields, protecting and nurturing the planet, practicing self-care and letting the energy move through me.

This is when I tap into my ‘highest self’. When I am “in the flow” and become the observer of the observed. This is when I feel at home.
It’s then that I remember that home doesn’t always need 4 walls and a roof on top. But 2 eyes and a heart beat.

What I have learned from the Balinese people


I remember the first time I stepped out of the Ngurah Rai International Airport and onto this magical island as if it was yesterday. After 25 hours on the plane, squeezed inbetween a crowd of chattering bachelorettes, I was in a very serious health condition. I remember my body being so weak, so underweight, so exhausted. My mind was busy keeping my tiny body awake, alive. My only thought was: God, please help me. Let me survive. You know I am a surviver. I choose to stay alive.

And I did.


Welcome to Mama Bali

When I arrived late at night, I was warmly welcomed by a small balinese man named Ketut with an amazing big smile, holding a big sign in the air saying: ” WELCOME TO BALI MISS NILA CONZEN”.
I don’t remember much more from that moment on, but I know that at this moment I surrendered and I was ready for everthing else that was waiting for me. In the midth of the storm, I just trusted for the first time in what seemed like forever and so the journey began.
I slept for 3 days straight. Caved in my little cage of what was left of my body. But my mind was awake and very clear. I was only awake for the times the lovely staff of the sanctury I was staying at brought me a hydrating young coconut or some delicious “Gado-Gado”, a typical indonesian meal with lots of veggies, rice and peanut sauce.
I spent 3 weeks at this place, which soon bacame my home. The Balinese became my family and mother nature my silent listener.
The first indonesian phrase I learned was “Terima Kasih” meaning “Thank you”. But not many people know that the actual translation is this: Termina means to accept and Kasih means to love. Thus, by saying “thank you”, the Balinese actually say “accept with love”. Isn’t this the most amazing way to appreciate gratitude for something someone has given to you?
Every morning, I started saying “Terima Kasih”. To the lovely staff that kept bringing me the most delicious food from their garden and to mother nature nourishing my mind and body and teaching me so much more than I would have ever expected.

What I have learned from listening to nature


Bali is a magical place where you can learn so much from nature – just by opening your eyes and observing what is happening around you. And even when you close your eyes and just listen.


The balinese lotus

Maybe the flowers remind us daily why the rain was so necessary. What I have noticed when watching the Lotus is that the flower doesn’t compare herself to the flower next to her. She just blooms. At her own time. We all carry a different fragrance, color and beauty for the world to enjoy. Flowers don’t discriminate who they share their beauty and fragrance with. They share with all friends, strangers and enemies.

Take-away: True compassion and love comes from sharing your beauty with all you meet.


The balinese palm tree

All trees including the palm tree loose their leaves, but none of them is sad about it. As seasons change, we are guided to learn acceptance and non-resistance. A green leaf doesn’t resist turning red when autumn approaches (in Bali it is more like a heavy rain storm). Trees don’t resist leaves falling when winter / a storm arrives. They stand deeply rooted in the ground, with their vulnerability out in the open and branches spread wide, surrendering to the Universe.

Take-away: Do what you will with me, I trust it is for my highest good.


The balinese  birds

While looking into the sky one day, I noticed that I had never seen two birds run into each other when they are flying in a flock. Why is that if they never talk to each other?

Take-away: True communication doesn’t always need words. Body language, sensing others` energy and tone can say much more than the actual words we speak. At all times we are communicating through our thoughts and the energy we dispel. Be mindful of your thoughts as the energy behind them affect others and the world.


The balinese rain

Yes it rains in Bali. Sometimes the rain is so heavy that you can not even move a few meters without getting wet from head to toe. But the rain and its water is required to cleanse negativity in the world and allow a space of clarity and growth.

Take-away: It is through showering and soaking in a tub, that we clear our bodies from the stagnant, negative energy of yesterday and replenish our positive energy. Shower with the intent of cleansing your body, spirit and mind.


The balinese wind

The wind taught me that not all things that exist can be seen or heard. Some things need to be felt.

Take-away: Don’t be limited to your 5 senses. Use your intuition and develop the practice of believing in the things you feel.


You see, Mama Bali is more than a magical place. It’s a home, a love. It’s a never ending discovery of the self and a rise and fall between learning and unlearning who I always thought I’d be.


Bali is the place I wake up when I follow my heart. It’s the place I want to merry the love of my life one day. The island I plan to visit as often as I can to discover even more on every journey I take.

What is one lesson nature has taught you? And where would you wake up, if you follow your heart?

Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below (or on Instagram)!


Oh, and don’t forget to SPREAD THE SMILES ? (find out more below!)


Thank you for reading through and you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Terima Kasih, Nila


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