1:1 holistic business mentoring

Build a soulful business you love from the inside out

You know you have a gift to share with the world, you have gone through the darkness and the training, BUT….

… you have no idea how to move on from here.. how to turn your passion into your purpose, attract your soul clients, and earn a living by doing what you LOVE.

I see you. I was you. 

That’s why I am so passionate about supporting you embody & share your greatness. I offer 1:1 business mentoring in German and English for coaches, healers, space holders, and soul-seekers who want to soulfully build their dream business while finding an aligned marketing and sales strategy that embodies their values and allows them to live a life driven by passion & mission where work feels graceful and fun.

If you are looking for a way to re-discover yourself in new ways & birth your mission into the world. 

I am here for you.

Nila Conzen

holistic life Coach & Mentor, MScPsy

1:1 Holistic Business mentorshing

Let me make a wild guess: you are a beautiful human being (hint: that’s not a guess, but a fact), and you want to create a business that is both incredibly fulfilling and profitable. And yet, somehow it seems impossible to stand out from the hustle and bustle in the online world. The competition is overwhelming. Your inner critic holds you back.

That might look like: scrolling through social media for hours, engaging in icky sales techniques that feel off, questioning your mission to be a source of inspiration and allow yourself to be seen. To be seen as you truly are. Anything rings true? Let me tell you this:

You’re not alone.

You and I know that you have the ability to support real, sustainable healing but something is holding you back. You have a social media presence (or are thinking about creating one), yet you’re having trouble reaching your ideal people (or getting started in the first place). The self-development work is done, but there is a lack of clarity. The hours spend researching marketing tools left you with more questions than it answered.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


You can build a thriving business by sharing what you love 


Through experimenting and testing, I’ve learned so much throughout this journey about what works and what doesn’t – and in particular – about how to create and live a life that aligns with my personal values, passions, and strengths. As one who has battled with her own darkness, I’m now committed to helping other humans who came here to fulfil their soul mission and create the life they truly crave. Sharing your heart and soul with the world.

You’ve got the training or the personal experience and the excitement, but you’re not sure where to begin. How do I let myself be seen in the online space? What if people judge me? I don’t deserve/wasn’t made to…

 I’ve been there myself, and I understand what it’s like and how overwhelming it can be. I’ll help you create clarity & gain confidence to make it happen, and then provide you with ongoing support as you put it into action.


Your mission deserves to be seen 


There is no big ‘secret’ when it comes to starting, marketing or growing a business. There’s certainly nothing you can buy that’s going to transform your fortunes over night. The reality is that it take time, consistency and practice and one day you realise that you’re where you wanted to be.

What you can do, however, is shorten your learning curve with some know how. You can cut out unnecessary trial and error and practice that consistency in a supportive environment. This is exactly what my 1:1 business mentoring is designed to do.

Whether you are a (future) coach, space-holder, or healer of any kind who wants additional support and encouragement to launch a new project, start a (side) business or change direction, I’d love to support you bring your mission into the world, master marketing skills, social media, and upgrade your confidence to step into your purpose.

My promise to you: I will be here for you, every step of the way. Throughout this process, my main priority is to support you in moving forward toward your dreams for your life in a sustainable way.

Your mission deserves to be seen & acknowledged – and so do you!

“Our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace within ourselves.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Build a thriving business by doing what you LOVE!


Get into the right mindset to gain confidence and clarity about who you want to serve and what you want to offer. Uncover beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your full potential.


Building & running a business shouldn’t be painfully hard. I’m committed to support you cultivate a greater sense of ease and joy in the work you do that is heart centred and rooted in unconditional love.


Accessing authenticity, alignment, and your innate soul-gifts by addressing questions of meaning/ purpose, passions, present moment awareness, the art of turning wounds into wisdom.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And then the only thing you truly need is this one person that deeply believes in you!”

- Nila

My business mentoring is for you, if you...

Throughout our time together we will…

“I am here to help you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.”

- Nila

Personalized Business Packages Tailored to Your Goals & Needs

If you would like the support of somebody who understands, who can listen to your big dreams, help you really believe in them and hold your hand every scary step of the way in your business journey, so that you can make the money you want & do the work you love then here's how we can work together…

Nila Conzen

Starter Package - 6 weeks

This 6 weeks mentoring package is for those of you who already have an idea of what you want, but need some advice on how to reach it. You are looking for someone who guides you & holds you accountable and you want support with developing your marketing, online presence, authentic voice. Based on the information you provided me in our discovery call, I will help you get more clarity on your (business) journey.

  • 6x video calls (a 90 min) 
  • Share your passions with Authenticity
  • Social Media Marketing, Growth, Authenticity
  • E-mail Marketing 101
  • Personalised Action Plan & Supervision over the course of 6 weeks
  • My eyes and feedback on your work
  • 24-hour E-mail & Whats App support (Mon-Fri)
  • Your investment in yourself: 2.000,-€ (all taxes included); payment plans available
Nila Conzen

Elevate Package - 3 months

This three month mentoring package is for those who really want to dive deep into know-how of creating & sustaining a profitable business. With this level of deep support we can explore every facet of your business, and lifestyle, to make sure your business is working for you and the life you desire. I’ll help you create a plan to make it happen, and then provide you with ongoing support as you put it into action.

  • 12x video calls (a 90 min) 
  • Share your passions with Authenticity
  • Social Media Marketing, Growth, Authenticity
  • E-mail Marketing 101
  • Personalised Action Plan & Supervision over the course of 6 months
  • My eyes and feedback on your work
  • 24-hour E-mail & Whats App support (Mon-Fri)
  • Your investment in yourself: 3.900,-€ (all taxes included); payment plans available
This was my first experience ever hiring someone as a business mentor and I took a lot of time in finding the right fit of someone who I could work with and trust to help me start and grow my own coaching business. Nila is unique because she starts by finding out more about who you are and what you truly want (you gotta dig deep!) with your business and how you want to help and support others. You could hire any coach to show you how to build scammy sales funnels or a click-bait type of business, but Nila is different and completely opposite of that. Her approach implements her holistic coaching and psychology background, which teaches you how to grow an authentic and genuine business that has a solid foundation fully embodying who you are. She definitely shows you plenty of the tech/tools as well but her gift is the ability to help you understand how to build a sustainable business that will last. I love her vibe and personality so much, too! She has such a beautiful way of speaking to you in a calming way but also giving you the "gentle push" (her words), you need to keep you on track and to stay focused. I highly recommend Nila if you are looking to build an honest and true-to-you business.
Holistic business mentoring
Petra Lins
Coach for Multipassionates
Working with Nila was an amazing experience! Nila was seminal to the start of our journey. She was very patient and knowledgeable, a calming presence. She made the process of learning design and the social media process much easier. We did not know where to begin! She took it step by step and made an overwhelming process, digestible. Her marketing sensibility and know-how was key. She helped us establish everything from introducing us to software and technology to make things easier, marketing freebies, creating email lists, and newsletters. Working with Nila was easy and enjoyable. She was encouraging and positive. I would recommend her with out hesitation!
The purpose of life
Dr. Michelle Chung

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

- Anais Nin

I wholeheartedly believe in you - and your mission. The question is - will you believe in you, too?

Let's find out together 🙂 Whether your heart is already saying yes, or you've got some questions, I invite you to book a free chat (with zero pressure). We'll make sure we're a good fit together before moving forward.