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Hamburg Foodguide Part 1: Poké & Buddha Bowls

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give the world is a healthy you.”


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about dining in Hamburg? For many, a fresh “Fischbrötchen” at the harbour, a warm “Franzbrötchen” (a typical cinnamon bun you can grab at almost any bakery here) and an ice-cold beer are the first things that come to mind. But there is so much more to enjoy in this glorious City. For both: meat-and fish eaters as well as vegans alike.

Today, I want to share some of my personal favorite spots in my hometown.

Within the last years, Hamburg has evolved into a paradise for a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle. I am so happy to see more and more shops opening their doors to (not only) vegan customers. So, when you happen to live in this beautiful city or plan your next trip to Germany, please consider stopping by and enjoy some of my favourite places. I promise: you won’t be disappointed!

For those of you that have been following me on IG, you probably know my obsession for colourful, delicious and nutricious Buddhabowls. Bowls filled with everything that mother earth has to offer. This is why most of my recommondations involve places where you can get excatly what I usually crave. Hamburg has so much to offer and it seems like every week there is a new, delicious food spot popping up just around the corner.

I will keep you updated here with all the yummie places that will cross my always hungry soul. But let’s start with what I have for now: A delicious & nutritious (vegan) guide to the BEST Poké & Buddhabowls in Hamburg 🙂


Poké What?


You’ve probably seen Poké (pronounced “POH-keeh”) Bowls on social media, overheard the buzz, or seen them on the latest menus. You may even live in a city where Poké shops are popping up faster than build-your-own burrito bars ever did.

So what is this food trend, anyway — and what’s the appeal?

Poké means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and originally refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces.

But don’t worry: most Poké Bars offer vegeterian or even vegan options as well. Above all, that’s probably one of my favorite things about this food trend. It can be customized for all kind of requests and diets! The Bowls I got are all vegan. But for those meat and fish eaters of you, don’t worry these places have something for EVERYONE! So let’s give your taste buds some mouthwatering cravings and dig into some delicious food-porn 😉


Part 1: Poké & Buddha Bowls

Hamburg meets Hawaii – Kailua Poké


This is definetly THE PLACE to go to, when you want to get the real hawaiian vibe in Hamburg. It was one of the first places where I tried Poké Bowls, and fell in love with the taste within a second.The toppings are all incredibly fresh and flavourful.  I have come back to Kailua Poké many times ever since they opened. Actually, they just launched their second restaurant right across the street from me. Halleluja! That’s why I usually end up here a couple of nights in a row a week!

I usually go for their vegan Lahaina Garden Poke Bowl: a base of brown or white rice, topped with beetroot, Orange-Ponzu marinade, haiku carrots, green beans, cucumber, spring onions, roasted macadamia, and topped with a sprinkle of your choice and their creamy Shoyu peanut-mayo. Wether you come here for a fresh, quick lunch (get it at their smaller location on Himmelstraße), or just to unwind from the day (get it at the Monkey Beach Bar at their Hofweg location), Kailua is the place to go. Hawaiian bowls, casual vibes and reggea music tuning in the background! Aloha Kailua: I have never been disppointed!

Good vibes only – Maui Poké


When I am in the Dammtor-area, this is usually the lunch spot I end up at to refill my buddha-bowl cravings! I usually opt for one of their signature bowls called Tofu Wave with organic rice, topped with tofu marinated in a ponzu dressing, marinierted carrots & red cabbage, beet root, sweet potato mash, avocado mash, pineapple, edamame, pomegranate, and spring onion. All sprinkled with a delicious pink vegan pomegranate mayo.

On another note, when I don’t feel like staying there, or feel tired after a long day, I just order what I want a few hours in advance and pick off the fresh bowls on my drive back from work (usually get more than one as they don’t really fill me up). I have not been here that often yet, as it a bit of a drive from where I live. But it is definetly a huge recommendation for anyone staying around the area.

Your taste. Your Poké – Poké You


This is the perfect, healthy lunch or dinner spot when you are on your shopping trip through the city. You can also pick your favorite bowl or mix it yourself to take it along. Sit at the river Alster during the summer or enjoy it at home on the couch in winter!

The Poke You Team is yet another spot that does an amazing job in boxing their coulourful bowls in 100% composable boxes. Moreover, you can choose between 50(!) differents variations, so no one can tell me that they will not find anything they like. I love to fill my bowl with a mix of wild rice & quinnoa, Wasabi Shoyu marinated tofu, creamy avocado chunks, wakame, edamame, pomegranate, black and spicy sesame seeds. Topped with their vegan peanut-coconut-avocado dressing. And voila: Heaven in a bowl!

Piff Paff … Poké


Another fairly new addition to the Poké spots in the (winter) hood, Piff Paff Poké just opened this summer. The best part: they are just a few steps away from my apartment (so very close to Kailua Poké)! This means, I can just go over whenever I feel like something fresh and delicious. Yay!

So far, I have been loving their “Leaf me alone” Poké Bowl, which is filled with rice or quinnoa, orange soy marinated tofy, chilled mango, beet root, lemona carrots, grilled almond brokkoli, wasabi mayo and cashew crunch. My tip: Ask for extra Kimchi (seriously the best I have ever had here in Hamburg. Its very spicy, but so flavorful). You definitely have to try one of their vegan Mayos (yes, all sauces are vegan how cool is that?). The wasabi Mayonnaise is my absolute favorite so far. Also, definetly opt for the BIG bowl that is way bigger and only costs you 1 Euro more than the (very) small one.

Another tip: Get your Poké for take-away and enjoy it at the close-by Alsterufer (if you are not lucky enough to have a view from your balcony like me). It is just so convenient to have a healthy alternative nearby so Piff Paff Poké please never “Leaf me alone“.

Fresh Hawaiian Superfood – Lawaii Poké 


Probably the latest addition to the Poké bars in Hamburg, Lawaii Poké Bar just opened it’s doors to the public in August 2018.It is quite small, so easy to miss, but well worth stopping by. Their interior is very similar to Piff Paff Poké featuring some pink flamingos and a range of colourful jungle flowers on the wall. In addition, to complete the hawaiian theme, they also have a wall of greenery, which I really appreciate. Moreover, I especially like their bamboo ceiling lights that bring me right back to the good old days in Bali!

Their Poké bowl portions are equally sized to the Piff Paffs (so a little smaller than the ones you get at Kailua Poké or Poké You). Similarly, they also serve 5 signature bowls. Of course, if you prefer something else, you can get creative on your own like at any other Poké place. I have only been here once, but have not been disappointed so far trying a customized Poké bowl. As for now, I can really recommend the following combo: a base of sticky rice, tofu, avocado, edamame, sprinkled with a mix of wasabi-beans as well as some crunchy seeds, and topped with a peanut mayonnaise.

Was ich wirklich liebe – Was Wir Wirklich Lieben


As you all know, I love a big, nutritious & delicious bowl filled with everything that mother earth has to offer. This cute little Café is simply amazing for just that. “Was wir wirklich lieben” (German for “What we really love”) is a cute café serving plantbased bowls, salads, breakfast options, daily specials, sandwiches, smoothies and mouthwatering cakes. I expecially appreciate that they harvest most of their produce from their very own farm – the Kastanienhof. For this reason they offer a seasonal selection of home made dishes. I always opt for a BIG bowl from they daily changing spread. It’s always a surprise as each bowl includes 6 different vegan dishes. Always fresh. Always delicious!

Think about crispy beetroot-bulgur salad, quinnoa-almond and dates, creamy potato-salad with vegan majo, juicy mixed bean salad, barely and cranberries, and many more. All mixed into one big rainbowbowl. Topped with the creamiest homemade avocado-hummus (seriously THE BEST one I have ever had). Accompanied by a selection of mixed seeds and a rye bread bun. Heaven in a bowl! You can enjoy all of this at the café or at home (just ask for take-away). So now you know “What I really love?” Definetly Was Wir Wirklich Lieben!

Eat the rainbow – Buhjah Bowls


Buhja is a maroccan name meaning JOY. Buhja Bowls is a cute little breakfast and lunch spot where you can recharge with a nutricious bowl in between work meetings. This little restaurant in Hamburg Bahrenfeld offers a selection of healthy breakfast and snack items as well as 5 signature bowls during lunch time. Moreover, when you are in a rush, you can also take away one of their weekly-changing specials of a customized bowl.

As for their 5 signature bowls, my favorites so far are their Buhja, Asian and their Protein Bowl packed with a selection of fresh items such as brown rice, crunchy chickpeas, baba ganosh and many more. Furthermore, you can also top your bowl with meat or fish, if you do not belong to the vegan/vegeterian tribe and if you are (like me) this is a good reason to take your collegues along with you without disappointing anyone! Above all, wether you follow a vegan or a meat-diet, you will never leave this place without a lot of JOY (Buhja) in your tummy and your heart!

Disclaimer: All content is not sponsored by any of the restaurants featured. I just wanted to give you my very personal review of the restaurants I really like and frequently visit. Maybe it inspires some of you to try a delicious & nutricious (customizable) BUDDHABOWL yourself one day in Hamburg 🙂 !

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