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How (reliable) friendships support you on your healing journey

Today, my dear friend and creative soul Tina is writing for you about friendships and it’s role on your individual (healing) journey.

It still seems unreal to know her so well after only meeting her once in my life and now travelling together around Mama Bali, practicing and preaching about relationships, love, inner wisdom and the bigger picture of life!

But for now, I am silencing my mouth (as I have the tendency to prolong on my writing.. I know. I know what you think, but I just love letting my fingers express what is running through my mind.) Let Tina’s words inspire you to trust new friendships – at any age and with any baggage they carry – and let go of old, harming relationships that drag you down – instead of lifting you up!

Why (reliable) friendship matters


You’re never alone in this.

One thing I learned along my healing journey is that you’re never alone in this. Even if the transformation into a higher version of yourself might feel lonely at times, because you’re growth asks you to let go of some of the things that might not fit anymore, you’re also opening up for and inviting the new. And that includes people on the same energetic frequency as you.

At first sight it might seem as if you’re on very different paths, but over time you’ll realise that you share the same dream, mission & truth.


We met when we needed each other the most

Nila and I met during times in our lives in which we both went through big changes and had to be versions of ourselves we had never been before. We met at times in which we both needed someone that was challenging us to speak our truth.

We might have been on different paths, struggling with different obstacles, but what was connecting us was our desire for more. Even if that meant changing what we’ve been used to.

Our friendship shows that it’s not about finding people that are just like you, but people  that share your values and beliefs. That a strong friendship is not defined by how similar you are, but how well your differences support each other and to which degree you accept them.


To connect deeply we need to take off the masks we try to hide behind

Sometimes it might be a struggle to open up, because we’re scared to be misunderstood and left alone. But for me the strongest friendships were born by being completely honest and vulnerable. They grew stronger by allowing openness and showing ones true self and that without the matter of time.

It’s a brave act to take off your mask in a world where most people desperately try to keep theirs on. But only if you show what’s real, you can create connections of the same nature.


You cannot go far alone and you don’t have to

Oftentimes we believe we have to figure out everything ourselves, when actually we don’t have to. Real and deep friendships, where there’s a mutual understanding for each other and all the ups and downs one might go through, are a save place to share what’s truly going on within.

Opening up itself can already be of such great service and support overcoming any challenge you might currently face. Each person sees reality through different eyes and from another perspective- sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Even if Nila and I were struggling with different experiences, the fact that we shared these struggles made us feel less alone and more human. Sharing those not so perfect and real parts of our lives made us understand and feel each other more easily. It made our friendship and connection authentic and pure.


Sharing your pain helps you to overcome it

And because of the pain we shared, celebrating and embracing every step forward felt even better and brighter. Because we don’t want each other to change, but accept and appreciate us for what we are, we support each other to grow into the most true and highest version of ourselves. 


You choose the people you invite into your life

The most powerful thing about your life is that you can choose what kind of people you attract into it. By embodying the energy you want them to vibe on, you will automatically attract what you are vibrating from your soul. What I have come to realise is that you always attract what you are – not what/ who you desperately try to be. That’s why real and deep human connections can only come to life if you show up as your most authentic self.

Stop hiding and start being, exactly who you truly are. Don’t hide something, be open and respect each others boundaries. In union we can heal – each one in it’s own way and at it’s own time.

By sharing your journey, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people that get you, the real you.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by people that are here for YOU. And not just for the role you tried to play. These are the souls that will support you on your individual healing journey!


I’m deeply grateful for having Nila by my side as I know we will stay connected for a life-time.

Sending love & light your way,




Thank you Tina for joining me on this journey, which will become part of our healing journey and be reminded for a life-time!

Here’s a short list of some of the most important things that we learned during our journey through Mama Bali that crossed our mind when we reflected what we have experienced.


10 things we learned during our journey:

  1. To be grateful for the little things and to truly appreciate the present moment. The first sip of coconut-cappuccinos in the morning, journaling without talking, fresh water and a cooling shower after a long day on the scooter.
  2. That honesty, as hard as it is to tell the truth, always brings you further than denying your true self.
  3. That Bali really is the island of gods and healing, if only you are brave enough to look behind the sparkle and bliss of the tourist areas.
  4. Often times, the bumpiest road will lead you to the most beautiful, undiscovered destinations like a tiny bamboo house on the edge of a cliff with the most amazing sunrise we have ever experienced.
  5. Money cannot buy happiness, but gifting strangers with a tiny smile, helping out in the local community or just sharing a little joke with a stranger can make your darkest day shine very bright.
  6. You don’t have to be understood to be heard. People will love you even more when you open up and be authentic about your current feelings and behaviors.
  7. True friendship can develop at any age and time. You can always let go of those who drag you down and be open to those who lift you up!
  8. You cannot change what happens to you, but you can – ALWAYS, at any time – chose how you react to it.
  9. Potatoes can taste even better when you have to eat them half raw, because the power went off (again).
  10. Last, but not least: You do not need to go to Bali to heal, but it makes it a lot easier to be surrounded by the warmth and love of a spiritual community!
  11. (bonus) Nila means fish in Indonesian (that’s why everyone laughed as soon as Nila told them her name!)


PS: For a more day-to day review of our journey, feel free to check out my highlights on Instagram here.

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