A GOOD Winter

Oh my. What a season. What year. And what a GOOD time to be alive. What if this is not the end of you, but the (uncomfortable) start of a your becoming? (Hint: imagine cultivating joy and embracing calm amidst the storm. Oh wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?)

A good reminder

As 2020 approaches its end, I want to remind you that it’s still not too late to start creating your own GOOD life. It’s not too late to make GOOD shifts, and to turn this year around.

Dear one, you are free to start over.

You are free to begin again.

Free to step into the light trusting.

You are more than who you have been at the beginning of this year.

A good invitation

To end this challenging, chaotic, devastating year with some magic, joy, peace, & calm and enter 2021 with more inner resilience, I invite you to join me in  “A GOOD Winter”. 🦌

Here is how it works:

A GOOD winter is your roadmap. Over 4 magical weeks, you will learn powerful practices of mind-body-soul practices that can help you thrive and survive during the festive season. Each week, you will receive a new workbook with different practices, tips, and tools that you can use at your own time and pace. Each workbook is meant to be a starting point – an introduction – a place to begin exploring how you might begin implementing the holistic tools more thoughtfully and intentionally to facilitate healing and personal growth on your own.

Dear one, you have the power to cultivate joy, nourish your body, and awaken your soul. I invite you to join me this winter. 

Let’s go from a mundane, numbed out, dry, routine winter to creating a winter with a deeper and higher sense of restored joy, passion, and wholeness. Let’s set conscious intentions, make wishes and enliven that inner child inside of you. More than anything, let’s make it a GOOD winter to remember.

I am sending you so much joy, love and goodness and cannot wait to welcome your beautiful soul.

You are free to consciously create your own good winter.


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