how to thrive in life

How to THRIVE in life!

It seems like within the last year, I have learned more about life than during the 26 years that I had been alive before. I’ve finally learned to thrive.

I have learned more about nutrition, the healing power of yoga, and the tools of positive psychology and body-mind connection than ever before. These 3 areas are my passion. Constantly educating and improving myself in these scientific research areas is bringing joy and a sense of meaning into my daily life. I not only learn more about the human body, the human mind and their interconnectedness, but also about myself. 

Following my passions brings me closer to my purpose and back to the unique gift that I was given to when I entered into this world. I slowly start to see wisdom in my pain. And I have finally reached a point in my healing journey where it’s not longer a bout just surfing – but thriving.

Today, I want to share with you 10 factors that I have implemented once I started my healing journey. I have them glued to my fridge and my mirror, so I can check them as soon as I get out of bed into the bathroom to wash my face and into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

I hope that they will inspire you to introduce a new routine into your daily life as well.


10 keys to thrive in life


  1. Good diet: You are what you eat, so nourishing your brain and body with whole-food plants lays the foundation for thriving in life. My top 5 “brain-foods” I try to implement into my daily life: Avocado, berries, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, dark chocolate.

  2. Killing ANTS: Automatic Negative Thoughts. You are what you eat, but you are also what you think. So in order to unlock your full potential you need to get rid of negativ thinking patterns and start thinking more positive thoughts.

  3. Practice ABRA (cadabra): Transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts. 

    1. ACKNOWLEDGE your negative thoughts. Don’t try to fight them. If you fight what exists, it persists. 

    2. BREATHE deeply.

    3. RELEASE the negative thoughts.

    4. ALIGN with positive thoughts. How? I love to journal first thing in the morning using my the GOOD LIFE JOURNAL (this truly changed my life so much for the better)

  4. Exercise: Both your brain and your body. As your body moves, your brain moves and the other way around. I love to take a long walk in nature without using any navigation advice to guide me. In this way I (1) move my body and (2) use my brain to remember my path.

  5. Supplement: DHA, Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 (find out more here)

  6. Positive peer group: Surround yourself with people who lift you up and not drag you down!

  7. Clean environment: Declutter your apartment and redecorate it regularly.

  8. Sleep: very important for your body and brain to function and to thrive properly.

  9. Learn & teach: Commit yourself to life-long learning. Use your free time to learn something knew instead of watching TV or waste time on social media watching someone else’s life. This creates more neural pathways and protect your brain from premature ageing. After you have gained new knowledge don’t be afraid to share it with someone else, as this will not only help you strengthen these neural pathways, but also educate some one else.

  10. Reduce stress: Spend time in nature, hop onto your Yoga mat or make yourself comfortable on your meditation cushion to take your brain on a break. 

What it all comes down to are 3 simple words that I have as a screensaver of my phone: EAT to nourish yourself. MOVE to awaken your body (the seta of your soul). And MATTER – because you do!

Remember you can’t master your life in one day. Start today. Make this a daily reminder. EAT good. MOVE often. Make it MATTER and share what you know. How you do anything is how you do everything.


What it all comes down to


Moving, eating, and living in alignment is now a way for me to thrive. But I have come a long way to be comfortable about sharing it. Most people know at least one of these keys. Many people know what to do. They just don’t do what they know.

But why is it so hard for most of us to practice this?

Because growth isn’t easy. So we must learn to treat ourself with compassion, patience, willingness, kindness, and belief in it’s possibility. We must also practice presence. Presence is the key ingredient that brings us back to the moment, which brings us back to connecting (back) with ourselves in the moment, which in turn brings us back to empowerment and choice.

Eve though our growth is ours, we don’t need to experience it in isolation or hide our process. Each of our processes is so beautifully unique and individual, but we ALL deserve to feel a sense of kindness, presence, and support as we journey though and thrive towards our own GOOD life.



Common sense is not always common practice


Today, we move a few fingers on a high-tech rock and can have food delivered straight to our temperature-controlled, artificially-lit cave. We outsource our hunting and gathering to grocery stores, our lives to television, and our tribes to social media. We’ve made big and comfy chairs, thick and stiff shoes, hard and flat floors, and wonder why we have poor posture, frequent injuries, and back pain. We’ve built right angles everywhere and wonder why we can’t think outside the box.

What it all comes down to is this: Digital overload, which leads to information depletion and information anxiety. Too many information. Too little time. This makes us feel depleted and overloaded. We have all the tools we need. Our ancestors have been living this for generations. It seems so simple, yet we are spending most of our time with our phones instead of other people. We rather watch TV to calm our minds than practice meditation. We distract ourselves and move ever faster from our true nature.

I know, simple isn’t always easy. Especially in modern times with modern conveniences. It’s not our fault. We’re just doing exactly what we’re wired to do, just not in the environment that we’ve evolved to do it in.

We need to remember who we are, where we’re from, and why we’re here. My holistic coaching programs are all about aligning with our true selves in order to thrive as human beings.

Your patterns, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being in the world were learned and conditioned over a life time, which means that they can also be unlearned as you continue your journey through life! This, however, requires your courage, commitment and consistency, that no-one else can give you. You own it to yourself to give this gift to yourself.


Are you ready to unlock your body, free your mind, and THRIVE to unleash your TRUE POTENTIAL?

Click here if you are ready to learn the habits, tools, and skills necessary to not only achieve results, but maintain them for life!


You have one life.

One precious, beautiful life.

The only question is: How will you decide to live it? ?


Ps: If you are looking for a simple, yet effective, tool to cultivate a more nourishing and loving relationship with yourself, feel free to have a look at the GOOD LIFE Journal that I created for people like me and you ?


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