Start before you are ready!
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Start before you are ready!

It’s never too late start a new life and rewrite your story all over again.

In this short blog post you will learn:

  1. Why it’s sometimes better to start before you are ready.
  2. That you can change your life even when you experienced a difficult past.
  3. About an inspirational couple that created a new life, in a foreign country together.

During the last couple of days we had the pleasure to stay at Alassari Plantation. A magnificent place in the middle of the balinese rainforest, right in front of Mount Batukaru, the second highest Mountain in Bali. Alassari is fully immersed in the local village of Sarinbuana, with a strong will to support the development of its community, providing resources, training, employment and innovative ideas to improve life conditions of the Balinese people.

Staying at this place was a magical experience, not only because of the amazing food and the cozy Joglo we stayed in, but most of all because of Alassaris special location and the almost magical energy there.

Staying in the middle of the rainforest means silence, tranquility and no distractions. It’s just you and the healing energy of the nature surrounding you. In this setting your thoughts become louder and your emotions more present. This place really forces you to look within. And that’s exactly what we did.

Start before you are ready


We arrived during a moody afternoon. It was about to rain and the clouds were low. As soon as the driver stopped and we got out of the car you could feel the difference and uniqueness of this place. It felt like everything was instantly slowing down and your mind stopped to chatter.

We were greeted by Val and a delicious balinese Jamu (a mixture of turmeric, ginger, honey and coconut water). Val and her husband Craig bought the 9 hectar large property almost a decade ago, when they visited Bali for vacation into the unknown jungle and Craig was convinced that his dream of building a new life in Bali could one day turn into reality at this exact place.

Both Val and Craig had already created a stable life in Australia and achieved and experienced  more than most people do during their whole life time. But what inspired them to start over wasn’t something materialistic. It was the desire for more. Even at age 50.

They were always living a life in which their personal and social happiness and their career goals weren’t intertwined, but separate and that’s exactly what they transformed  for themselves when they built Alassari Plantation.

No great story starts with a hero


Throughout our chats with Val and Craig, we realised something really important. Val and Craig hadn’t it all figured out when they first started. I mean, how should someone know how to build a luxury retreat in the middle of the rainforest, nearby a village in which no one knew how to speak at least a few words of english?

Their vision was strong enough to make up for all the things they didn’t know back then. They were willing to learn and adapt their beliefs and ways of thinking. They focused on their goal whilst being open for change and flexible in how they did things.

Their willingness to start before they were actually ready or prepared, became the secret ingredient to their success story and their growth.

What our stay taught us


There where many lessons, we learned during your short stay at Alassari, but the main take-away is this: No matter where you currently are along your journey, no matter what you have been going through. You can always start all over again, even if you don’t know “how to get there” yet. When you have a strong “why”, i.e. a reason behind your vision, you can always, at any age, turn your wildest dreams into reality. Be brave and trust your ability to learn and grow. You will figure out everything you need to know along the way.

Don’t wait any longer to follow your dreams, everything you’ve got is now.

I promise you that I am with you on this crazy adventure. And I still haven’t figured it all out.

Sending love & light from Bali,


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