How to live a GOOD LIFE? Start every day with a GOOD MORNING!

This journal played a major role on my own (healing) journey to the GOOD LIFE – and has helped many others ever since. 

It will teach you exactly how you can consciously create your own GOOD LIFE! Not in years – or in months, but in 30 days! 

Don’t believe me?

Try it out for yourself and you will!



  1. Daily quotes that will light up your day
  2. List of >100 Affirmations to wire your brain to look at the bright side of life
  3. Self-care Bingo (because we all know these days when nothing seems to work out)
100% of all earnings will be used to support a different GOOD cause each month!

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the Good life journal
About the good life journal

The details:


– a carefully curated, scientifically proven, simple tool developed by me for you that will make you happier (from the inside out!)
– 30 days (and extendible) with daily quotes & advices
– 5 daily exercises with detailed instructions
– 3 min. (minimum) per day

– to.. help yourself to “help yourself”
– make the unconscious conscious – to get in touch with yourself & get to know yourself on a deeper level
– reconfirm the now, remember your purpose & consciously create new, healthy choices
– take small, science-backed steps to make immediate changes in your daily life.

– download it 
– fill it out on your digital device or print it out – cut & file it into your favourite booklet/folder (optional)
– carve out some time to do it for yourself (not to prove it to anyone!)
– make it a daily habit and stick to it! Consistency & commitment are key! ⠀⠀
👉🏻 read here how it has change my life and those of many others!

“There’s no need to work toward big, ambitious goals. By going tiny, you can discover for yourself the changes that will change everything.”

- Nila Conzen



  1. Quality over quantity. It is simpler and shorter than most journals and takes no more than 3-5 minutes each day. You can fill it out on your digital device or print it out to fill it out with pen and paper!
  2. Backed up by science. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. It is build on proven principles of positive psychology, based on tested and validated scientific research, and learnings from some of the best self-development teachers around the world. I have created this journal by combining modern scientific research with ancient wisdom traditions that have been proven out for hundreds of years into practical elements that can actually make a positive impact in your life. It’s all in here and made easy for you to implement into your daily routine.
  3. For EVERYONE. It’s a journal that is even suited for people who usually don’t write journals – or have never tried it before. Even kids can use it! No matter how young or old you are, what background you have in writing – I have your back!
  4. No set time limit. Whether you decide to do it for 30 days straight (as I would highly suggest!) or decide to extend your practice. You do you! I know from my own experience that it is easier to start something new without any pressure to do so.
  5. Clear instructions. Even though the 5 daily exercises are very simple, I give you a detailed outline of how you should work on each of them. Moreover, if you happen to have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time! 🙂



What other people say

Sometimes, it’s best to hear from the people who have gone through the process themselves!

"Before starting to work on "The GOOD LIFE Journal", I would mostly journal about my negative thoughts and believed that writing them down was taking them out of my brain and allowing me to move on. I hate to say that everything changed when I started using Nila's journal, because I never truly believed that it yould work. At first, it was difficult to envision a future version of myself, but I kind of liked the idea of thinking about a future that you would love to live one day. This is different from dreaming, because you are actually conscious when you paint your future self. I will definetly continue with this journal. Thank you Nila for opening my eyes to this amazing tool you have created."
"I used to be a skeptic of journaling, manifestation and visualization tactics. Mostly because I saw people using them as a type of mysterious “hack.” A way to make them feel good about themselves and their future without ever taking any real action beyond writing down the things that they want. But I trusted Nila, because she seemed to make such big progress herself. Now, after almost 40 days of journaling, I would not want to miss a single morning without these simple excercises."
"These excercises are simple, yet highly effective as they gave me a whole new perspective on life. They showed me that it is ME who can chose, at any moment, how my life will turn out. It is a quick, daily, one page practice that serves as a touchstone in my pursuit of living a life of intention. Spending just a few moments in the morning makes an enormous difference any given day. I highly recommend anyone who is searching for more meaning in their life to give it a try."
The Netherlands

After your purchase, you will immediately receive your GOOD LIFE journal.

The Good Life Journal is a digital product that you can be easily filled out online (by just typing in the outlined boxes) OR print it out and use pen and paper (that’s what I personally prefer).