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The wisdom of the space ‘in-between’

In the space between the ‘no longer’ and the ‘not yet’ she remember who she was. And so she started living again.


The space “in between” also known as liminal space (or gap) is the place where the threshold for uncertainty is tested to its limits.

It’s where we are between who we once were and who we are becoming, like the chrysalis stage between caterpillar and butterfly. It takes awareness & effort to move from the past to the present to create the future. How I know? Because I’ve been there (in this “sweet spot in between”) for some time!

You are not lost

What I’ve discovered through personal experience is that being lost is where we learn so much about who we are and what we want. We stop following the blueprint we were given or modelled and finally start to ask ourselves who we are and what it is we want to do with this one precious life.

It’s an uncharted territory. That’s why it feels so scary for us. But the truth is: sometimes we need to get lost to ‘find’ ourselves.

How to break through this (uncomfortable) space?

First, we need to step out of our routines so we can look at our lives.

Let’s take a deep breath and embrace the power and potency of the in-between. That moment when you know you need to make a change, but you’re not even sure what the change looks like yet. Something inside you just knows — it is time.

Through contemplation and self-reflection, we can become aware of our unconscious scripts. Then, we must observe these thoughts without responding to them, so that they no longer initiate the automatic chemical responses that produce habitual behaviour. 

But we cannot leave our healing up to chance. Hoping and wishing would not do the trick. Merely knowing what to do is not enough. We need to take off into the unknown, before we can land on safe territory. It’s a merging of the known and the yet to be known. The ‘secret’ sauce?

Presence (always).

Simple – not easy

I know too well that the shedding of the old and waiting for the new is probably the most scary. You feel lonely, lost, as if there is something wrong with you even. It’s just like taking an airplane from one country to another. You’ll lose grounding during the transition. But just as you get on that plane because you know it will take you to new land, so too will this journey bring you to a new place, new ground, and one where you’ll be grateful you made the journey for. Hang in there my dear. You are worth this journey. And there is much wisdom to be found. Here. Now.⠀⠀

The liminal space is where the healing happens

Healing requires us to honour the (often times not so sweet) spot in between! Sometimes, being confused is just the middle ground between where you’ve been and where you’re heading. And being in unfamiliar territory is really just proof that you’re getting closer to yourself. The one that has been hiding for so long.

These days, I feel more comfortable being in the messy middle, and at ease in the empty unplanned space.⁣ There’ s something new ready to surface and I can sense that it needs my wholehearted devotion. What I know is this: whatever is coming next is going to be inspired from a place of deep alignment, deep trust, and deep self belonging. It’s taken me a long time, but now there is a warmth within my chest that is feeling safe, tender, and at home. I finally feel grounded. Whole. Enough. Complete. And my mission is to show you that so can you.

You belong here intros infinite dance of life.

Your past does not define you and you are free to try again.

Rest in this nourishing space of loving kindness, healing energy, unknown presence, here, now.


Some questions to ponder on

What if being lost is actually a sign that you’re fully here in this very moment (no past or future just loving presence awareness)? What if you are not lost, but finally realising that your transformation has begun and all your pieces are ready to fall into place?

Ps: If you are looking for a simple, yet effective, tool to cultivate a more nourishing and loving relationship with yourself, feel free to have a look at the GOOD LIFE Journal that I created for people like me and you ?

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