Today, I want to share some of the best (vegan) Foodspots I came across on my latest trip to Zürich, Switzerland. After living in Lugano, which is a small city in the italian part of Switzerland, for almost one year, I did not expect such a “foodie-heaven” anywhere in Switzerland at all. Don’t get me wrong, Lugano is a beautiful city with lots of parks, nice Cafés and a sparkling big lake. You can get delicious Pizza, Pasta and everything else you would expect from the devine italian cuisine. The problem is that all of these dishes typically include a lot of cheese, which makes it difficult to make it taste delicious for vegans (think about brad with tomato sauce of plain pasta with olive oil).

So when I took off to visit one of my oldest childhood friends in Zürich a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t expecting too much. Luckily, I was positively surprised by what was awaiting for me! So here we go: Below are my personal TOP 3  highlights during my short trip for anyone who is in need of some seriously good (vegan) recommendations in Switzerland.

1. Hiltl – First vegetarian restaurant in the world

According to Guinness World Records, Hiltl is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Hiltl is a wonderful restaurant in the centre of Zurich offering a variety of food that is both wholesome and healthy. At one of their 6 locations across Zürich, everyone – seriously EVERYONE – can find just the right thing to enjoy at a reasonable price. 
This includes everything from a quick vegetarian snack on the traditional Hiltl buffet to culinary highlights in a sophisticated atmosphere. 
The heart is the large Hiltl Buffet with over 100 hot and cold vegetarian and vegan specialities from all over the world.

However, my friend and I both ordered from their a la carte menu, as we were not in the mood to decide from the countless options at the buffet. The portions were huge and  prepared perfectly with outstanding flavors. We both went for the seasonal menu including beetroot Carpaccio with vegan cream cheese and eggplant tartare with homemade bread followed by a big “autumn-plate” including vegan cream-cheese, nuts and crunchy bread-chips and their famous Hiltl burger. And don’t forget to grab one of their sweet desserts. The cocolate brownie and cookie were our favorites. It was seriously delicious, even though our eyes were bigger than our bellies!

Moreover, the Hiltl Academy was founded 2007 and offers cooking courses, cooking events, kitchen parties, further education, special workshops, yoga lessons and much more.

On top of all the wonderful work at their restaurants, Hiltl also creates healthy, indulgent vegetarian and vegan menues for the Swiss airline. I mean, how awesome is that? I would travel back to Zürich, just for this amazing restaurant 🙂 

2. Chez Oskar – Happy Food for ALL.

Oskar is a little bunny featured on the Logo of this cute little place in Altstetten. It is definetly one of the latest additions to the healthy breakfast and lunch spots in the city as it just opened in spring this year. Although, it is more like a take-away spot and the menu only offers a handful of selections, much care is taken towards wholesome and delicious items.

We went here for breakfast and enjoyed the two smoothie bowls they have on the menu. Both, the Acai and the Spirulina Bowl were heavenly delicious and brought me right back to the daily delight of colourful bowls I enjoyed in Bali. We also ordered some soy cappuccini and matcha lattes (for dessert?!).

3. Roots & Friends

Another amazing place where you can grab a delicious Acai bowl and a super energizing smoothie for breakfast or a nutritious plant-based bowl for lunch.

Roots has different locations spread across the city. All pretty tiny, but stylish in design. We went to their cafe close to the main station, as I was heading back home later on. 

Their menu is similar to the one at Chez Oscar, with a little more options to choose from. The most amazing thing is that they have a smoothie called “Winnie Pooh” (orange, banana, mango, and passionfruit)! If you know me then you know that Winnie the Pooh is my all-time childhood hero. I still like to read his books and indulge into his naive, but oh so sweet and simple words that have so much meaning behind them! So of course, I had had to get this smoothie! Oh and if you come here, don’t leave without grabbing one of their vegan banana breads and the Drill by Dill Protein Shake! Seriously one of the best I ever had!

Disclaimer: None of the content is sponsored by any of the restaurants featured. I just wanted to give you my very personal review of the restaurants I really liked during my short stay in Zurich. Maybe it inspires some of you to try a delicious & nutricious meal in Zurich as well one day :)!

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